Discovering the Truth Within us all

Who we really are depends on the perspective on which we choose to observe. What are the qualities, experiences and traits about our identity that answer that question?

Those that live in a state of heightened conscious awareness are living at the edge of human perception. Using mindfulness, meditation and contemplation they are able to question the mainstream understanding of reality in an attempt to understand a little more of the truth about the world around us. Quantum physics has long established that the mere act of observation renders creation. In turn, if conscious observation is infinite then creation should follow, however, if there was no-one left for matter to be observed, would creation cease to exist?

Who are we? Where have we come from? And where are we going?

Consciousness and basic human curiosity have had us asking these questions for millennia.. Not content with simply existing, our curious and wondering minds often desire answers that seem to elude us. In the true sense of duality, this is our greatest gift and our greatest torment. It gives rise to unprecedented inspiration yet takes us through our darkest moments It walks us down a long and sometimes lonely path that is interconnected with all that has ever been and all that there ever will be.

Who we really are depends on the perspective on which we choose to observe. What are the qualities, experiences and traits about our identity that answer that question? In the physical world, we are simply a product of environment, defined by those that love us, teach us, inspire us, move us. A reflection of our journey. The ‘I am’ or sense of self that is within us all, pulls and pushes us through the fabric of existence until our existence is no more. In the spiritual, we are an essence, a soul, a spirit and an energy.

We are everything. We are our first childhood memories, the love of your parents and warmth of their touch. The warm sun as it shimmers across your face through the branches of your favourite tree. The chill of a winter breeze and a snowflake on your tongue.

You are your best friend and your first kiss. Bad haircuts and wicked dress sense. Your first heartbreak and the first time you stole a heart. The things you learnt at school, the things you learned from TV.

We are emotion, to fall and cry, to love and to laugh. We are experience, your favourite pet to whom you could tell all your secrets. Your favourite place that would both inspire and console. The sand between your toes and the ocean around your waist. A warm meal, a good book. To feel defeated and to taste success.

To dance all night, to sleep all day. The good things that are bad and the bad things that are good.

Fast travel and loud music. Meaningless interaction and passionate sex. A terrible illness and good health. The death of a loved one, the birth of new-born. To be loved, to be lost, to be lonely, to be found.

This is the reality of ‘I am’. The ‘I am’ of the entirety of my experiences and interactions, ‘I am’ a product of my environment. 

Where to find Truth?

When searching for the truth, the first place the logical mind will seek to find the answers is within the external environment. And with the simplicity of logic, the obvious answers here will often satisfy. However, for the conscious mind and the curious individual we recognise that if we are conscious then so too is the universe because it is from the universe in which we came. We only need to scratch the surface of logic for it to be revealed that we simply do not have any answers at all.

The deeper question is; If you weren’t able to perceive the reality in front of you, it would mean you are not there, if you were not there, then would reality be there? Would reality exist at all? The universe is vast beyond what our minds can comprehend or imagine, vast beyond the capacity of our brain, senses and our science. But what we can derive from the observable and conscious universe is that there is an expansion, an expansion of the universe that is in fact gaining momentum. Could it be that the expansion of the universe is interlinked with our own expansion of consciousness?

Are we really just the universe experiencing itself? Co-creating and co-existing. Is the Big Bang perhaps the manifestation of the universe experiencing or observing itself? If we could step outside of this observation would everything collapse back down to a single point? A single point that contains all information about all matter, all time and all space. Every element, molecule and atom. Every planet, every star and every solar system. All collective intelligence across the entire cosmos. A point from which the entire universe and everything within it is born.

Would this not be the creator?

Would this not be God?


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2 years ago

Great article

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