Self Discovery & Mastery

How Paradigms Shift

Here in 2021, we can all look around us and agree that things could be better. No matter what your beliefs about how society should look, we can all feel the pain that comes from living in the current paradigm. Since we deeply feel that everything could be so much better than it is, how do we shift into a better paradigm?

Interested in Meditation? Here Are the Basics

Meditation is a core mindfulness practice that you can customize to meet you where you are, bring your attention to the present moment, and engage in more compassion and connection. Here’s what you need to know to get started.


The art of shadowing yourself is a ruthless form of self-overcoming made popular by the writings of Carlos Castaneda (he called it stalking the self), who was inspired by the Yacqui Shaman Don Juan.

10 Life Changes You Can’t Avoid On The Path To Awakening

Awakening often comes with profound spiritual implications, as we have undeniable experiences of connection to our Universal intelligence. Signs, symbols and synchronicities show up in our lives more and more, altering our course forever. In the process, there are some Universal changes we must make on the path for our own growth and evolution.


As a spiritual tool, monks of the eastern traditions have been using mantras since time immemorial, most recognizably along with prayer beads. The value of this type of meditation is well-understood by practitioners, although, difficult to quantify. It offers a simple but powerful means of creating the emergence of desired positive outcomes in personality, habits, beliefs and emotions.

Harnessing the Power of the Cosmos

Pure Consciousness is the basis of all creation, constantly transforming itself from the non-local field of pure potentiality into the localized conditioned consciousness we call the material world.

The Dark Side of Mindfulness

Mindfulness. It’s become a buzzword in recent years and everyone from soccer moms to Silicon Valley executives are now doing it. It may seem that this is great. After all, the more people practicing mindfulness meditation, the better, right?


At a time when ‘the lie’ has never been more dominant within the corridors of earthly power, it is up to us to unsheathe our swords of truth and cut a swathe of light through the dark backcloth of unprecedented deception.

Progress or Regression: Which Are You Choosing?

We are currently living in a period of time where extraordinary opportunities of progress stand side-by-side threats of destruction and enslavement. The two divergent paths could not be more drastic. This choice point forces us to both individually and collectively ask: what will we choose?

How to Stop Being Manipulated By Threats of Chaos

How do you stop being manipulated by threats of chaos? After all, once the current threat fades away like the ones before it, how do you prevent yourself from ever tangoing with fear and giving away your sovereignty in the first place?

Master Your Life With These 7 Simple Powerful Mind Tweaks

Life can certainly be a roller coaster of stress and anxiety sometimes. With so many responsibilities and time restraints your hectic schedule can begin to take its toll.

The good news is there are a number of ways you can change your life to help you ride the chaotic wave of life.

The Power of Authenticity and How to Achieve It

To live authentically means also living a life of expansion and creativity. When we suppress who we are we suppress the unique talents we came to earth with, dimming our spotlights and blocking the creative flow by resisting who we truly are.

Belief in Limitations Is the Destroyer of Conscious Creation

Do you believe that anything is possible? If not, why not? The most likely reasons are that someone early on, like a parent, told you something was not possible. Another is that you grew up trying to do something but came up against obstacles to doing it. This conditioned you to believe in limitations.


As a culture, courage is losing the battle against comfort. The honey is too abundant, too addictive, too soothing. We’ve dulled the sharpening stone by neglecting the millstone. And the philosopher’s stone? What the hell even is that? Exactly!

The 10 Spiritual Realms According To An Ancient Japanese Buddhist Priest

The 10 Spiritual Realms as described by Nichiren Daishonin are listed below. Broken into two parts, the first six (Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Humanity, and Heaven) are derived from the Indian concept of the six realms of rebirth. Above these lie the four holy states (Learning, Realization, Bodhisattva, and Buddhahood).


“You ask, ‘what is Zen?’ I answer, ‘Zen is that which makes you ask the question.’ Because the answer is where the question arises. The answer is the questioner himself.” ~Daisetz Suzuki

Eliminating Attachment And Aversion To Experience Peace

We put so much time and effort craving and pursuing things we think will make us happy we leave hardly any time to cultivate the real causes of happiness and peace. As Lama Yeshe once said, “if we pursued enlightenment with the same enthusiasm as we pursue our hobbies we would all be awakened in no time.”


The more we try not to see the darkness festering just below the surface (of pretty much everything), the more in-your-face it all becomes. The more we collectively work to suppress it, repress it and oppress it, the more illogical, irrational, hysterical, unstable and dangerous it all becomes.

7 Spiritual Pilgrimage Trails That Could Change Your Life

Whatever your reason might be for embarking on a pilgrimage, more often than not, the journey is life-changing. It could alter your perspective, fuel your purpose or simply offer a level of deeper understanding. At the very least, it is the perfect opportunity to strap on your pack and march into the unknown.