9 Attitudes To Deepen Your Mindfulness

Mindfulness has many scientifically proven health benefits including improved physical, mental and emotional health. It is actually a holistic type of therapy and in my opinion essential for sanity and intelligence.

The Gratitude Experiment

Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands. – Brother David Steindl-Rast

When the Ego Hijacks Mindfulness

It’s easy to find yourself thinking about being mindful rather than being mindful. Simply refocus, return to the present, and smile.

7 Children’s Books with Mindfulness Messages

Many beloved picture books also offer mindful messages about connection, compassion, and contemplating the world around us. Children’s book authors Olivia Weisser and Christopher Willard share a few of their favourites.

Awakening to Life

We have arrived at a stage in the human story on Earth where the decisions made over the next few decades will determine the future direction, not just of humanity, but of Earth itself.

Healing Wisdom From a Sufi Mystic – Rumi

The piece below — from the 13th century poet Rumi — carries within it an essence that is central to many spiritual traditions around the world. The teaching itself may seem simple, but the most powerful ones always do.

The Role of Meditation in Mental Health

Meditation influences the body in unexpected ways. Experienced meditators, for instance, can speed or slow their metabolism by more than 60% and raise their body temperature by as much as 8°C.