Professor Brian Cox confirms what David Icke was saying 8 years prior on ITV’s This Morning

Isn’t it interesting that 8 years prior to the Professor Cox interview, David Icke was able to speak to something that science is still trying to understand?

If you’re aware of the name David Icke, then you perhaps know him for the ‘out there’ conspiracy theories he talks about on his various media platforms. But isn’t it interesting that 8 years prior to the professor cox interview, David was able to speak to something that science is still trying to understand?

David Icke is way more than a conspiracy theorist, or conspiracy researcher as he prefers to be called; but in fact, a deeply spiritual human being. He went through his own awakening process over 30 years ago, which opened up his perceptions to actual nature of reality as well as the lies and manipulation that happens within our societies to keep others from going through the same process.

I became aware of David’s work after going through my own awakening process and becoming involved in spiritual healing, and really took note after reading David’s accounts of the awakening experience and how they aligned exactly with some of my own.

For those on a journey of enlightenment or awakening, their expanded consciousness allows them to participate in non-tangible experiences and have the ability to perceive reality beyond the five senses. In the future science will continue to glimpse into the true nature of reality, but in the mean time its worth paying attention to the many thousands of people who have gone through their own profound awaking journeys, and are trying to share them to empower and help others become awakened for themselves.

For the full David Icke interview you can click here


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