Duration: 13:20
Posted: December 12, 2020
By Sat Yoga Institute

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In this excerpt from the opening night teaching of The Direct Path: Liberation Now! retreat, Shunyamurti teaches that in this historic moment, meditation is more relevant than ever, and that those who feel they are suffering from a loss of physical freedom are actually being offered an opportunity to go inward instead of outward, and to transcend to a higher level of being at the apparent end of this world, which is actually a return to the rediscovery of our supernatural resources. By letting go of both the ego and its narrative, one can terminate the simulation and reap the blessing of destruction as one dissolves into the bliss of Self-realization. MEMBERS SECTION – Free 10-Day Trial: This is an excerpt from a longer teaching posted on our Members Section. To become a member and gain access to a vast archive of Shunyamurti’s teachings, writings, and guided meditations. Learn more and sign up for your free 10-day trial:

https://satyoga.org/becoming-a-member/ We are doing our best to produce as much content as possible, to create more livestream satsangs, Q&A’s and guided meditations. Your support is paramount to sustaining our mission to disseminate as much heart-opening and mind-expanding content from Shunyamurti as possible. If you have benefited from these teachings, please consider making a love offering, so we can continue to provide access to this timeless wisdom.

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