Does my life have a purpose?

Maybe we can never understand our true purpose, but we can start to build a picture of the impact and meaning that we as individuals can have on both society and humanity.

By Simon Smith

To think there is no purpose goes against logic. Everywhere where we look the universe is teeming with complexity, design, rhythm, and intelligence.  

 The old Newtonian science of materialism tells us that these complex designs, whether it be the makeup of a star or the intricacies of a blooming flower and the sacred mathematics contained within both are because of an accident, of coincidence. 

If consciousness has come about from that very same place that makes us physical beings; doesn’t this mean that the universe must have intelligence? We cannot just depend on our physical senses and limited experiences to make sense of the world we live in, quantum physics can testify to that, at the quantum level nothing makes sense at all. 

As for purpose? This is a question only God can answer, if indeed God exists. But there are millions of people, me included, who have seen, glimpsed or experienced incredibly profound, non-tangible experiences. These events go beyond our understanding, beyond coincidence, beyond logic to know that the lives we are experiencing are way more meaningful and profound that we can begin to comprehend.  

Maybe we can never understand our true purpose, but we can start to build a picture of the impact and meaning that we as individuals can have on both society and humanity. Observe where you are positioned in life, what you have learnt and experienced, what are your expertise, your social status, economic status, your gender, your race, we are all uniquely positioned to bring something to the table. 

Is my existence insignificant?

I once asked God this question, and instantly, upon asking, I found my conscious awareness went rushing into a visualisation of the answer. I was presented with an image of a vast almighty desert, huge and dominating in its presence, before swooping down to see a single grain of sand laying on the desert floor. I heard… “You are the grain of sand, insignificant yes, without this single grain the desert would still be a desert… Yet, the desert is nothing but gains of sand.” As suddenly as it began my vision ended. I knew instantly what this meant, that without those seemingly insignificant grains, there would be no desert at all. Rumi puts this another way, “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” 

In one sense, it is easy to fall victim to the idea of being insignificant. However, without ‘us’, people, humanity, the vast array of uniqueness, vision, creativity, thoughts, ideas and perspective, there would be no experience at all, and that makes us extremely significant. We are both the grain and the desert. 

Perspective is key; will you see yourself as the grain of sand, or as the desert because we are in essence both. That perspective will probably determine the way you feel about your purpose, but the fact is you do have a purposeI think society is wrongly teaching us to become gods of our universe, to be the most successful, materialistic, educated, wealthy you can be, anif this does not come to fruition somehow, you will have failed, and your life wasted.  

Purpose can be a lot less grand in its design, and when I personally think to the most significant person that has impacted my life, I think of my mum. She was, just a mum. She was not rich or famous, she did not become an activist or change the world, she quietly helped those who needed it in the local community, and just got on with being the best mum she could be. 

While our true purpose may not be known to us, it is important to at least have a sense of purpose, as it can be a huge driving force in the decisions we make in life. We need find comfort in not knowing all the answers and start paying attention to the tools and perspectives you have been given, and the unique position you have been placed, to find that sense of purpose. Follow your internal compass and be of the perspective that no matter what it is you choose to do with your life, that it enough, it is significant, no matter how small that may appear to be. You are not just a grain of sand… 


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