Eliminating Attachment And Aversion To Experience Peace

We put so much time and effort craving and pursuing things we think will make us happy we leave hardly any time to cultivate the real causes of happiness and peace. As Lama Yeshe once said, “if we pursued enlightenment with the same enthusiasm as we pursue our hobbies we would all be awakened in no time.”

Discovering the Fullness of Life – Eckhart Tolle

If you want more prosperity, “asking” is not the right approach because that implies that you don’t have it. The right approach is to go deeply into the present moment, where you realize what Jesus called “the fullness of life” or “abundant life.”

7 Spiritual Pilgrimage Trails That Could Change Your Life

Whatever your reason might be for embarking on a pilgrimage, more often than not, the journey is life-changing. It could alter your perspective, fuel your purpose or simply offer a level of deeper understanding. At the very least, it is the perfect opportunity to strap on your pack and march into the unknown.

Does my life have a purpose?

Maybe we can never understand our true purpose, but we can start to build a picture of the impact and meaning that we as individuals can have on both society and humanity.

Awakening to Life

We have arrived at a stage in the human story on Earth where the decisions made over the next few decades will determine the future direction, not just of humanity, but of Earth itself.

NDE – My Experience In Coma

That “scorched earth” intensity was the setting for a profound spiritual experience that took me beyond space and time to what seemed like the origin of all existence.

Manifestation, Illness, and the Ego – Eckhart Tolle

The ego—on both the individual and the collective level—loves “the drama” that times like this can create. Our challenge is to remain alert and present so that we don’t fall into egoic reactivity, adding to the suffering so many are already facing.

Discovering the Truth Within us all

Who we really are depends on the perspective on which we choose to observe. What are the qualities, experiences and traits about our identity that answer that question?